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'Soft-Story' Retrofitting

Doing our part to make SoCal safer, one building at a time.

If you own or manage a building that has been deemed by the City of Los Angeles (*) to fit the definition of having a weak or ‘soft’ first story, then by now you have most likely received a NOTICE TO COMPLY with Ordinance No. 183893 from the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.  The retrofit ordinance stipulates that you have two years from the time you were presented with said notice to submit retrofit plans to the Building Department for review.  At this time we have been involved with the design and permitting of retrofit plans for dozens of buildings.  Our approach is streamlined, efficient, and effective.

(*): Since the enactment of the City of LA Ordinance, other cities have followed suit.  Currently Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Pasadena all have similar ordinances in place, and other cities are likely to follow.

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