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Luis F. Vasquez (RCE #C56232) has been practicing in the field of structural engineering since 1994.  During that time, he has gathered a vast knowledge of wood-framed construction for all types of applications.  He has navigated a constantly changing industry, adapting to the advent of new, ever more intricate building codes and to the introduction of new building materials and structural systems.   By nature of being based in the unique setting that is our Southern California landscape,  Mr. Vasquez has acquired an expert knowledge in the design of every type of residential structure, from hillside residences to beachfront properties, from desert bungalows to Alpine retreats.


Our design work is based on the belief that any successful construction project, from a high-end custom home to a simple room addition, is the result of an open-minded approach to the design/build process.  Our team is committed to that philosophy. As a result, most of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals.  We pride ourselves in being a "contractor-friendly" design firm, always eager to listen to the expertise of the builders we work with, and keenly aware of the fact that, in our ever-changing industry, there is always something new to be learned when it comes to finding the best way to bring a design to fruition.

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